Saturday, October 20, 2012

First release of pg_stat_plans

Anyone who attended my recent talk at Postgres Open, which was co-presented with my 2ndQuadrant colleague Greg Smith, "Beyond Query Logging", will be aware that pg_stat_statements, the standard contrib module that assigns execution costs to queries and makes them available from a view in the database, has been improved considerably in the recent 9.2 Postgres release. It has been improved in a way that we believe will alter the preferred approach to workload analysis on PostgreSQL databases away from log analysis tools, which just don't offer the performance, flexibility or granularity of this new approach.

We also announced a new open source tool that addresses a related but slightly different problem (the analysis of plan execution costs, and planner regressions), as well as making most of the benefits of pg_stat_statements on 9.2 available to users stuck on earlier versions of Postgres. This new tool is called pg_stat_plans, and is itself based on pg_stat_statements.